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Aurealis Awards

Aurealis Awards

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The shortlist for this year's Aurealis Awards is out. Ben Payne has the list, if you're interested.

I'm always interested.
  • Congratulations on your multiple nominations.


    See you next week!
  • Much deserved! We'll have to have an extra glass of Tia maria and toast your stories :).
    • So that's about twenty glasses of Tia Maria we're up to?
      • We have 4 bottles, so that still leaves 12 glasses for everyone else to share.

        Stu asks about a plan C, BTW, since he's away that day.
        • Stu, I thought we'd sorted plan C? Plan B will not revolve around you, whereas Plan C will! So long as it's before Jan 12.
  • Great to see a nomination for Woman Train, that's a fab story that is!

    *crosses fingers for Kaaron*
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