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Interesting lesson in perspective yesterday. My daughter was in a…

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Interesting lesson in perspective yesterday.

My daughter was in a dance concert on the weekend (don't worry, I'm not going to talk about that) and my father videoed her. Of course, she is centre stage in the video; if she's on the stage, she's in the video.

Yesterday we saw the dance company's version of the concert.

My daughter barely features. When she's on stage, there's a long shot of all the littlies dancing; no close ups.

It all depends on who's holding the camera, doesn't it?

Writing is very much like this. The story changes depending on who's point of view you're taking. That may seem like a very obvious statement, but it's an important one. You need to pick the right person to tell the story.

Do you pick an observer, who sees all? Or someone with a lot to lose if the truth is told? Do you pick a person who knows all, or someone with deep-set prejudices which cloud their vision?

History is like this, too. Ask any two people who witness an event and their descriptions will differ.

It's all very fascinating.
  • Re: PoV

    That's a great idea--until last year would have been impossible, but now most of them are allowed to use cellphones, and many have cameras, so they could send image electronically. As I recall, the Poe student not only did not see the light--he went on to do a similarly autobiographical reading of "Annabel Lee" (but what about lying by her side in her tomb by the sounding sea, I asked, despairingly?) Ah well, at least I could tell him that Poe's reputation for necrophiliac acts stemmed from nineteenth-century readers who had the same problems with literary analysis.
    • Re: PoV

      I can understand why people might be confused by 'rite of passage' or 'coming of age' novels, thinking they are autobiographical. But it's hard to imagine any one really believes (or believed!) that Poe really endured all his protags endured! To think that poor Edgar really did lie beneath the pendulum, nibbled by rats! Oh, the pain.
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