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I can handle coups, injections, blood tests, packing, painting and…

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I can handle coups, injections, blood tests, packing, painting and planning ahead.

But I can't handle getting a birth certificate spelled "Kaaron" apparently.

The Births Deaths and Marriages people down in Melbourne (and, no, I can't go to an office here in Canberra. You'd think so, wouldn't you? That Canberra would have all records?) are making this a very difficult exercise.

On a far more pleasant note, I had a culinary triumph on the weekend.

We had our Street Christmas Party, and I took roasted potato salad. But I slinkied the potatoes first! For those who don't know, a slinky machine is one which turns an apple into a spiral, and takes the core out. It's brilliant.

I slinkied the baby potatoes, rolled them in olive oil and rock salt, and baked for an hour.

Another neighbour brought tiramisu, so all in all it was a delish meal.

Maybe if I send those people in Victoria a little snack pack of my potato salad, they might be nicer to me.
  • Even I would be nice to you with that potato salad!
    • I might be convinced to make one more batch! I snipped some chives in and drizzled with caesar dressing. And there was one more ingredient which I don't think you would be interested in, and could be left out fairly easily!
      • I'm glad you offered that salad :). I have contacted Iain and sent the email to everyone else. Now I'm going to watch Smallville, as part of my summer of simple joys.

        If someone doesn't want to cook we can always suggest they bring icecream. Can never have too much icecream...
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