kaaronwarren (kaaronwarren) wrote,

Today I leaped into the pool, fully-clothed. In my good dress, with my new shoes on. My daughter had her hand and foot stuck in a blow-up chair, and her head was under water. She came up once, then down her head went, then up and down again. I stood up, stepped to the water's edge. As I jumped in, I heard someone say, "I'll get her," but I was already in. She was fine, of course, and she says she was never in trouble. She's embarrassed, and so am I, though everyone at the lunch was perfect afterwards, neither ignoring the thing or discussing it too much.

I've done this once before, when she was having a swimming lesson. The children were allowed down the slide, and the fifteen-year old instructor caught each one as they splashed into the very deep pool. Except two came down at once, one ending up with a blood nose. So the instructor had one wailing girl in each arm, blood everywhere, and my daughter thinks its her turn and comes flying down.

I jumped in, fully clothed, glasses on, this time, to lift her out of the water as she sank.

There's no option in these situations. You make a fool of yourself, you wreck your clothes and shoes, but there's no option. I'm paranoid around water. Not sure exactly why; it's like I have a premonition, and I'm trying to avoid it.

Everyone is fine, except I feel like a fool.

In more reader friendly news, I bought two litres of Clamato Juice from the infamous Costuseless because I had a hankering for a Bloody Mary and tomato juice is not to be found anywhere in Suva. I added vodka, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of paprika (because there's no tabasco to be found either). It was very good. I didn't tell J that the clam in clamato is actually clam juice, thinking it would turn him off the drink. He didn't like it anyway, so I got two, so all was well in the end.
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