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This series was taken by photographer Karen Coombes, inspired by…

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This series was taken by photographer Karen Coombes, inspired by my story "Skin Holes".

I've had my stories illustrated before, and I love to see how the printed word is interpreted by an artist. It shows you what the 'kicker' is in the story; what that artist sees as the most important point.

Or the easiest thing to draw!

Seeing a story photographed like this is something else. Seeing the two main characters as real people is quite bizarre. I love the way she's shot them both; has captured precisely the characters I was going for.

I love the imagery she's used, as well. The contrast of colour and grey. It's a subtle piece. I love it.

Those living in Canberra could see it for real if they like; Karen is exhibiting from tonight at "The Front", a cafe in Lynenam, near Tilley's. The exhibit is called "Collective Cacophony".

I wish I could go. If you drop in, say hi to Karen for me!
  • Excellent! A couple of friends have dropped in and were impressed, too.

    As for it being for sale, perhaps she can be convinced! We didn't bring any artwork here. It goes mouldy very quickly.
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