kaaronwarren (kaaronwarren) wrote,

This series was taken by photographer Karen Coombes, inspired by my story "Skin Holes".

I've had my stories illustrated before, and I love to see how the printed word is interpreted by an artist. It shows you what the 'kicker' is in the story; what that artist sees as the most important point.

Or the easiest thing to draw!

Seeing a story photographed like this is something else. Seeing the two main characters as real people is quite bizarre. I love the way she's shot them both; has captured precisely the characters I was going for.

I love the imagery she's used, as well. The contrast of colour and grey. It's a subtle piece. I love it.

Those living in Canberra could see it for real if they like; Karen is exhibiting from tonight at "The Front", a cafe in Lynenam, near Tilley's. The exhibit is called "Collective Cacophony".

I wish I could go. If you drop in, say hi to Karen for me!
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