kaaronwarren (kaaronwarren) wrote,

We went to the Dawn Service this morning. I find the Anzac Day Service very moving, especially when the bugler plays The Last Post.

A Fijian Salvation (you know, I typed Salavation first, but that doesn't mean quite the same thing) Army Officer played it and did a fine job. It wasn't the best rendition I've ever heard. Sometimes it sounds like a human cry, it's so beautiful.

Afterwards, we had a "Gunfire Breakfast". This is brekkie which comes with rum-fuelled coffee. Apparently, the men would have a quick cup before dawn, then out they'd go to fight. All we had to do was go home and relax.

The kids were inspired to build a hospital for their toys. I don't think the two things are really connected, but it made me happy to see them doing this rather than playing soldiers.

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