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Death's Door Cafe

Death's Door Cafe

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Today is the official release day of the anthology Shadows & Tall Trees, edited by Michael Kelly.

My story is "Death's Door Cafe", inspired by a museum visit. One of the exhibitions was a door full of bullet holes. We were told that one of Ben Hall's gang was shot dead in front of it, and I began to wonder; how many doors are there like this one, telling the story of a death? How many doors kept a death hidden? And why would anyone gather these doors together?

There are also stories by Rob Shearman and Ray Clueley, writers I admire greatly.

I was talking with a writerly friend the other day about the thrill of selling a story, and of seeing it in print. My most recent sale means I have made 190 sales of fiction (including reprints, novels, stories that never appeared, stories is small newsletters etc). I can remember every single one, and every one was a thrill.
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