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One of my rules of travel (I don't have many) is to find the small towns for lunch breaks. So we stopped at Eketahuna on our way to Napier.

They have an Antique Organ Museum there (human or musical instrument? The sign wasn't clear) but we didn't go there. We did stop a the cafe. It was only called Cafe, otherwise I'd name it, because it was marvellous. Excellent coffees (they offer you cinnamon on top in NZ) and tasty homecooked muffins. I had the pumpkin soup which was pure home-made goodness.

As we walked to the car, we were hailed by two older people selling raffle tickets for their local radio station. "Used to be plenty of us, now it's just me and her," Joe said, cocking a thumb at his companion. She smiled and nodded and wrote my name down next to the lucky number 25. "You can win $40!" she told us. They slung insults back and forth at each other for a bit, then he asked where we were headed.

I told him, "Napier," and for conversation's sake, asked if he knew the best fish and chip shop there. He said, "Well, you're 14 years too late for that."

He used to run one, in Eketahuna. But that was 14 years ago. He said, "Just tell em I said don't cook the chips to buggery."

We did tune into the radio station as we left town. Joe (recorded earlier?) was saying, "Here I am, another day deep in boredom".

Then he played some Mozart dedicated to a couple "Who despise Mozart, so this is for you."

Interestingly, the tiny library had lots of rules. No muddy boots, no hoodies, no sunglasses, no cameras.

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