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We arrived in Wellington in pouring rain and peak hour traffic. Sadly the hotel hadn't given us info about parking, so we stopped two car lengths past the entry on a one way street. Two of us waited on the side of the road in sleeting rain (part of the key collection process) and two of us drove up one way streets, up hills, and through more traffic to get to the darn parking garage.

Four floors, with luggage, crossing the busy road, with luggage. Trying to remain slightly cheerful, in fact laughing hysterically.

Luckily, the apartment was amazing. Huge, clean, bright. Lots of little signs saying "Don't stand on the toilet" and "Don't put rice down the insinkerator". A heavy golden bling chain left behind (we hung it on the chair when we left) which has us wondering who'd been there before. Son took a photo of the knife block with missing knife.

We headed out for dinner with friends from Fiji, following the signs and finding the place up on the hills, in the suburbs. Did I mention that we were too scabby to pay an extra $200 for GPS, so had to navigate our way using actual maps?? I know. I feel like I've achieved a level of brilliance.

The next day; exploring the shops. I had a quick coffee with Ross Temple. He's full of knowledge and gave me lots of tips. Was great to catch up.

We also went to the Weta Cave, continuing our exploration of things Lord of the Rings. Fantastic stuff. Excellent tour of the workshop, though I would have liked to see some people actually at work. Amazing models, lots of info. We resisted buying anything, somehow, although of course we did buy the Hobbit movie and are on the lookout for the second. I forgot to mention that the Huka Falls is where they all escaped in barrels!

Then meeting friends at the Museum and out for dinner on the waterfront. Bloody freezing, let me tell you, but inside was warm. I ate chowder; I seem to be eating chowder around NZ. My son had a burger, because he's doing the same with burgers.

In all, Wellington was rushed and wet. We saw good friends, big trolls and some boats. The place is very beautiful, with the hills and the water. Those amazing houses on the hills!

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