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Lake Taupo

Here steam rose from the ground alongside our motel. We followed the hot stream down to the Lake, where water bubbled up and out to merge with cold. The water was too hot to leave your hand in for long; good washing up water. Beautiful lakeside, views all around.

This is from the Craters of the Moon walk.


Our motel, The Karaka Tree Motel, is run by excellent people. Informative, friendly and fun, they helped us settle in well and booked our tickets to the water jet ride the next day. Our room had a thermal spa! Seriously. In our own room, we turned on the tap and steaming hot water from underground poured out. It was so hot we had to leave it for over an hour to cool, but the sense of well-being I experienced once I sank into the water was worth it. Body aches gone, tiredness gone (although I could easily have napped in the spa), and rose feeling full of energy.

The next day we went on our jet ride. This was a lot of fun, with the driver, Jeremy, full of tease and stirring. A larrikan, which suits the job well. He had a go at everyone on board, in the nicest possible way, and spun us around, soaked us, took us under the glorious Huka Falls and spun us around again.

This is a pic of the waters being released. Quite a sight. It is edited because I keep getting my thumb in the pic.

2014-05-16 21.52.20
Out to dinner at a Thai restaurant. We had quite a lot of odd comments as we travelled and I'm not sure why. Perhaps people don't see families with teenagers together much? I really don't know. But a lot of comments of "Are you all together?" when the four of us had walked in together, were talking together, clustered together, clearly together. At the Thai restaurant, the decidedly odd woman looked at our daughter (actually stared). She said, "I'm sorry, but she is so lovely. So striking. Congratulations." That said to my husband; apparently I had nothing to do with it. Then she tried to match our son up with her waitress. As we were leaving, she said to my husband, "You should move here. And your lovely daughter." If she'd asked where we were staying, we would have lied. The food was good, and the experience odd enough to be worthwhile.
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