kaaronwarren (kaaronwarren) wrote,


We drove two hours to the town of Matamata, to visit Hobbiton. On the way we stopped at The Pink Pig for breakfast. I do love the random roadside stop. The logo is a slavering pink pig holding a cleaver, so yes, we are a very brave family. Food was fine, decor bizarre in the extreme, with dusty prints, copper pressings, and lots of pigs. Then to Hobbiton. This was really fabulous. Quite expensive, but amazing to see the world of the Hobbits. You understand what a perfectionist Peter Jackson is when you see a particular tree, and hear about the worn path to the washing line, and others. Pictures when I can! It really was worthwhile. Our bus driver was Big John. James was late to the bus (visiting facilities) and Big John says, "Good chance to get rid of him!" When he heard we were from Canberra, he says, "What, are you the Prime Minister's wife?" Once I'd stopped gagging, we climbed on the bus, where he told us about horse poo and other such things. Then he said, "You can all talk amongst yourselves in your own language now." So even if Hobbiton was a dud, we got our money's worth there.
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