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January 18th, 2007



January 18th, 2007

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I grew up in Fiji today. Drove for the first time! I feel 18 again!

The roads here are potholed, so drivers weave all over the place, across lanes and over the other side of the road if need be. No neat lines of travellers here.

They don't indicate very often, and they overtake from left or right, whatever. There are few road signs, and those that are there are often illegible.

But the drivers lack aggression and speed, so it's all far less scary than it should be.

I feel a little more in control of my life. I drove today to get a couple of groceries, regaining independence.

Tomorrow I'm planning a taxi ride into the city, an adventure in itself.

Tonight I made ika vaka lolo, fish in coconut milk, using fresh coconut milk I made with one of our housekeepers! That was so good. In the villages, they use every last bit of the coconut. The rough outer stringy bits for scourers and for strainers, the flesh for all sorts of food, the palm leaves, the bark...all of it used.

And, yes, I have internet at home! I'm on my verandah at the moment, cos I need an aerial to get a signal inside. But I'm connected!
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