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SQ Magazine

SQ Magazine

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A while ago, Gerry Huntman asked me to submit a story for the Australiana edition of SQ Magazine. I wrote "Eleanor Atkins is Dead and Her House is Boarded Up" as part of my current thematic obsession with the horrors of dementia, and with the standard ideas of what happiness is.

There are also stories from Alan Baxter, Angie Rega, Sean Williams and others, and excellent summaries on the State of Australian Spec Fic from Tehani Wessely and G. N. Braun, so well worth the click!

SQ Magazine, Edition 14
  • Congrats, and long time, no see. I presume you've been busy or hanging with the cool kids at Facebook.
    • Thanks! I know, ridiculous. I'm going to start up again. We're going on a trip to New Zealand Friday week, so I plan to report here on livejournal.
      • Please do. I'd love to know what you make of NZ. We need to go back soon, because the family (Iain's) are asking. But first WorldCon in August!

        How's the writing going?
        • Lucky you for Worldcon!!

          We're really looking forward to it. I haven't been since I was 14, and husband only quick trips for business. We'd planned on a mudbath but I heard so many reports of sulphur smells that I gave up on that idea!

          Writing going well. I sent off a story today that I've been cooking for a while, and have printed off my novel to work on!

          Loved the pics of your glass beads. Gorgeous.
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