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Here I am reading from my novella Sky at the Melbourne…

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Here I am reading from my novella Sky at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.  Terry Shepherd did a fantastic job putting this series together. I love Jason Nahrung’s reading from his novella Salvage, accompanied by Talie Helene on the keyboard.

When we launched Slights in Fiji, I read my story “The Gibbet Bell”, accompanied by a very talented friend on the violin. It was wonderful! I know there was a recording of it, but cannot find it or remember who had the footage. I really love readings with music, and think there should be more of it. I’m going to push for this at Conflux 9, so any musicians reading this, please let me know!

  • Ooh - my mother plays the violin (she's actually in a band) - but she'd probably have to check out the story beforehand...
    • Ooh! Let's talk. I have no idea what story I'll read at the moment, but we can figure that out!
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