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Conflux, the Canberra SF Convention, begins on Friday. Here's my programme:

Friday September 30 5.30-6.30
Launceston Room
Angry Robot Hour
Featuring books, robots, robot food and drink.
Saturday October 1 10-11
Writer in Residence
Convention Centre Creative Corner
Sunday October 2 2.30 – 3.30
In the Garden
Reading: The History Thief, a novella, from the upcoming "Visions Fading Fast".
Sunday October 2 3.30 – 4.30
Launceston Room
The Craft of Short Story Writing
Panellists: Jack Dann, Cat Sparks (moderator), Helen Stubbs, Kim Westwood, and Kaaron Warren.
Monday October 3 12.30-1.30
Launceston Room
Paradox of Darkness Panel
Welcome to another decadence-inducing soiree.  How is it that we are able to enjoy horrific literature? 
Is this pleasure good, moral or even real? Andrew McKiernan, Kyla Ward, Kaaron Warren

And of course there are dozens of other readings, panels, discussions, bar meetings and signings to attend. Can't wait.

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